Incorporate Coastal Charm into Your Wedding Décor at Ash Point Estate

How to Incorporate Coastal Charm into Your Wedding Décor at Ash Point Estate & Venue in Owls Head, Maine


Embrace the Serenity of Maine’s Coastline on Your Special Day

Planning a wedding at Ash Point Estate offers a unique opportunity to infuse your special day with the natural beauty and coastal charm of Maine. With its breathtaking views of Penobscot Bay, lush gardens, and elegant surroundings, Ash Point Estate provides the perfect backdrop for a coastal-inspired wedding. Whether you’re a beach lover at heart or simply drawn to the tranquility of the ocean, incorporating coastal elements into your wedding décor will create a romantic and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Start with the Venue

Before diving into the details of your wedding décor, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings at Ash Point Estate. The Greek Revival Mansion and modern event venue offer a blend of historic charm and modern elegance, providing a versatile canvas for your coastal-inspired wedding. From the sweeping views of the bay to the quaint gardens and patios, every corner of the estate exudes a sense of coastal serenity.

Choose a Color Palette Inspired by the Sea

One of the easiest ways to infuse coastal charm into your wedding décor is through your choice of colors. Opt for a palette inspired by the sea, with shades of blue, turquoise, and aqua complemented by soft neutrals such as sand and ivory. These hues will evoke the calming tones of the ocean and create a sense of tranquility throughout your wedding décor.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside by incorporating natural elements into your wedding décor. Consider using driftwood, seashells, and coral as accents on your tables or as part of your centerpieces. You can also incorporate fresh greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, to add texture and a touch of coastal charm to your floral arrangements.

Set the Scene with Nautical Details

Nautical details are a classic way to infuse coastal charm into your wedding décor. Consider incorporating elements such as rope, anchors, and compasses into your table settings, signage, and other decorative accents. You can also use lanterns, buoys, and fishing nets to add a touch of maritime flair to your wedding venue.

Create Coastal-Inspired Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a focal point of any wedding reception, so why not use them to showcase your love for the coast? Consider incorporating elements such as sand, seashells, and starfish into your centerpieces, along with fresh flowers in shades of blue and white. You can also use glass vases filled with water and floating candles to create a serene coastal ambiance.

Personalize Your Wedding Stationery

Your wedding stationery is an opportunity to set the tone for your coastal-inspired celebration. Choose invitations, place cards, and other paper goods that reflect the natural beauty of the coast, with designs featuring seashells, waves, or coastal landscapes. You can also incorporate watercolor elements in shades of blue to evoke the tranquil waters of the ocean.

Dress the Part

Your wedding attire is another opportunity to incorporate coastal charm into your special day. For a beach-inspired wedding, consider wearing a flowing gown with delicate lace or chiffon details. For the groom and bridal party, opt for lightweight fabrics in shades of blue or tan, accented with nautical-inspired accessories such as anchor cufflinks or seashell boutonnieres.

Illuminate with Soft Candlelight

Create a romantic ambiance at your wedding reception with soft candlelight. Choose lanterns or hurricane vases filled with pillar candles to line the aisles or illuminate your reception tables. You can also use string lights or fairy lights to add a touch of sparkle and create a magical atmosphere throughout your wedding venue.

Serve Coastal-Inspired Cuisine

Incorporate the flavors of the coast into your wedding menu with a selection of seafood-inspired dishes. Serve up fresh oysters, shrimp cocktail, and lobster rolls as appetizers, followed by main courses such as grilled fish or seafood paella. You can also incorporate coastal flavors into your signature cocktails, with options like mojitos or margaritas infused with tropical fruits.

Capture Memories Against a Coastal Backdrop

Finally, don’t forget to capture the magic of your coastal-inspired wedding with stunning photographs against the backdrop of Penobscot Bay. Whether you choose to exchange vows on the beach or amidst the gardens of Ash Point Estate, take advantage of the natural beauty of your surroundings to create timeless memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Experience Modern Elegance and Coastal Charm at Ash Point Estate

Incorporating coastal charm into your wedding décor at Ash Point Estate is a wonderful way to create a romantic and memorable celebration that reflects your love for the sea. From choosing a color palette inspired by the ocean to incorporating natural elements and nautical details into your décor, there are countless ways to infuse your wedding with the beauty and tranquility of Maine’s coastline. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create a coastal-inspired wedding that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

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